After the inspection, Situhao immediately got a conclusion in his mind-a charming and harmonious body.

Situ Hao, the first female brother of Soul-Desiring Fairy Sect, inspected the second place, the third place and the fourth place.
Situhao’s face is absolutely comparable to that of more than 50 women in the city wall. Although the body structure is roughly the same, there are subtle differences. Whenever she meets a female brother with a strange body, she either kisses her mouth for a while or plays with her hands to make those female brothers breathe. I can’t wait for Situhao to give them on the spot.
Situhao has got into the crowd, gnawing at a female with lotus twin peaks, and offering her right hand to the God’s knowledge. The left hand grasps the lotus peak, and the right hand keeps groping around her thigh. The female brother is quite sensitive and harmonious, and her eyes are blurred and full of Chun Qing.
At this moment, Situhao took a hard bite at the female right peak. When the female brother was sore, his figure suddenly blurred and disappeared. When Chapter 51 tracked and 5 watched,
This is the opportunity for Situ Hao to look for. When he checked all the way and met Sister Lian Feng, he found that he had come to an optimal escape point.
He is very white-hearted. Fairy girls are a group of insatiability bitches. When he was sucking and playing with the twin peaks of Lianfeng’s female brother, he did his utmost to make her react to the greatest extent, so that the surrounding female brothers were immersed in a wonderful situation. This led to a counterattack, and then the shadow backstab shot his body at a hundred feet in a flash.
The thief played me.
Situhao heard the roar of the immortal patriarch of the soul, but at this time, he was the one who had not found his whereabouts, and he still hurtled to cast his shadow. backstab ran into the channel.
Now he wants to escape from the immortal Sect as soon as possible.
After rushing into the passage, Situ Hao immediately flashed forward at the maximum speed.
His speed is quite fast, and I don’t know how many times faster than that of Bai Lidai’s figure. Bai Lidai had been running in the passage for nearly half an hour, and Stuart’s speed was only a column of incense at most, so he could run to the end of the passage.
He ran forward as fast as the wind.
The evil thief will kill you today.
At this moment, behind him, the patriarch of Xianzong thundered.
Situhao was frightened to disgrace. He didn’t expect that the speed of the immortal patriarch would be so fast. When he looked back, he saw four women rushing behind him. He was getting closer and closer.
The strength of the three elders who want the soul fairy clan patriarch is not bad. They run faster than the limit speed of his flicker method, which means that their strength has already reached the ninth-order martial arts level.
In the face of this toughness, even one of them is enough to kill him. At this time, he is facing four people, and he can’t get any benefits from them.
Situ Haobai has four people with great disparity in strength. He can cast his shadow again. backstab runs forward as fast as possible.
Shadow backstab is the first auxiliary posture of shadow travelling with the wind, which is quite fast. Once this posture is put into use, Situhao’s speed is a few minutes faster than that of the four people who followed behind.
Backstab, who keeps casting shadows, can feel that his own strength is rapidly losing. This technique of completing by consuming force is really huge for the consumption of force.
It wasn’t long before Situhao came to the end of the passage.
Situhao used the shadow backstab posture to come to the end of the passage. Now when he was in front of two on-duty brothers, he was just as ordinary as now, and a man came running from the immortal clan department. This shocked them completely. Just before they came to their senses, Situhao hit a on-duty brother with several big holes in his left hand. At the same time, the right and the acquired split thunder blade was as fast as flint. He directly crossed the other on-duty brother’s neck.
Break the secret door and let me go.
Hum, even if you kill me, I won’t kill you. I want to be loyal to the immortal Sect, said the female brother in a cold voice
Situhao finally realized what loyalty means in the face of this cold look on duty. He knew that he was threatening them, and there was no way for him to order the acupuncture points of the younger brother as quickly as possible. This place was in front of that secret door, looking for a chance to make a secret door.
But in front of Situhao, the stone walls are all the same, and there is no specificity. It seems that there is no such thing as a machine.
Behind it, four martial arts with moderate strength followed, but at this time, we have reached the end of the road and don’t want to find a way. It is not easy for this passage to be tracked by four powerful martial arts to escape to Situhao.
Situhao quickly searched for a while and found that there was no machine. After that, he immediately gathered force and waved the lightning blade and slammed it against the hole arm.
Bang bang bang.
The huge sound kept ringing, but the cave wall was intact, and it didn’t seem to be damaged at the beginning.
However, Situhao didn’t give up, and he still rallied his own force against the dark wall with violent blows.
The lightning blade in his hand can find all kinds of defects, and the defects will break it. The cave wall in front of him is extremely hard and has not been damaged completely because his strength has not reached a strong enough position. If he keeps pounding it violently, he will definitely be able to smash a hole in the cave wall.
Ga ga ga, do you think this cave wall is a weapon that you can smash? I told you that all outsiders who come to our place are going back and forth. I’ll give you another chance. I won’t kill you. Obviously, the patriarch of Xianzong really wants to practice ancient scrolls for Situ Hao. Although she is angry now, she still hasn’t directly killed Situ Hao.
Situhao has stopped hitting the dark wall at this time. Looking back, he looked at the four people in front of him stupefied. Because of the constraint of the achievement method, you can’t do large-scale damage to the ancient people in the fairy land, but after you get a powerful ancient remnant, you will directly do the most fierce damage to the ancient people in the fairy land. I will never give you the ancient remnant, Situhao said calmly.
Hum, I didn’t expect you to have a chivalrous heart, but in the fairy land, good people are often rewarded. The more chivalrous people will eventually become fairy demons, the smaller your body is. You have to practice hard and mind your own business, and your achievements will soar one day. What do you have to do?
It’s worth it to live and die. This is my life rule of Situ Hao. No one can change the life rule. Situ Hao stands proudly and firmly than saying that his body is full of a kind of prestige. Chapter 5 Visual impact is more important.
Situhao’s voice fell to the ground, and the face of the three elders of the immortal patriarch was immediately filled with disdain. What did the patriarch still say to this little wordy? Kill him directly. Maybe his ancient remnants are in his knowledge, and it may not be that the three elders are very impatient.