Yi Yu, look at this quiet room and be reluctant to say, "Master, this thing is very big. Even if we can’t put it in this room …"

Don’t wait for Yi Yu to finish, but see Zhu Mei’s big sleeve with a wave of his hand. It’s just a quiet room with two feet square. Yi Yu saw one leng, and he also has fields in Zhu Mei! But if you look carefully, it’s not that they have changed places or are in the quiet room. Everything has been magnified dozens of times, which is wonderful.
Yi Yu leaned down and said, "Master Miao Da Gan Kun’s brother is stupid but doesn’t know this dharma name? Another mystery? "
That Zhu Mei is a smile. "Don’t force her to wait until your work is full, and you will naturally understand the secret. Besides, if you exercise the’ Pure Land of Blissfulness’, you will be well versed in it. Don’t be ambitious, but show your rare things to the teacher."
Yi Yu no longer asks a wave of his hand to see this teacher and pupil. Immediately, there appeared a huge animal claw with ten feet straight. Seeing the animal claw, Jin Mao chung shrugged his iron needle, and there was a large area of golden blood. It was Yi Yu who cut the fire ape’s paw before.
Listen to Yi Yudao, "Master, this is a five-element god beast. I heard that there is a bear’s paw in the earthly world, which is said to be very delicious. Presumably, if the fire ape’s paw is cooked into a dish, it will be unique in heaven and earth. I am afraid that the three immortals in Emei East China Sea have never eaten it!"
Then how could Zhu Mei not recognize the claws of this fire ape? Listen to Yi Yu again, but it’s a little dizzy. Who would have thought of cutting the hand of the heaven and earth beast to the fire ape to eat! ? Zhu Mei looked at the black monkey hair claw andao "is this disgusting thing can also eat? It’s a pity that Yi Yu can think of it! But it’s rare for this child to always think of me as a master! "
Although disgust, after all, it’s Yi Yu’s filial piety, but Zhu Mei’s mouth can’t say "hello, mouth!" The fire apes in this place are as steel as iron. You can give them to me to eat and cook them into delicious food. It’s really a pity that you can think of it! "
Yi Yu did not say, "Master! This is a filial piety of my disciples! Can’t samadhi be cooked in real fire? "
"I! He! " Upon hearing this, Yi Yu even pestered him to eat this monkey claw. Zhu Meigang wanted to teach a lesson but suddenly stopped, "Samadhi is really a fire?" On her I dharma for a moment "
Yi Yu a listen to dare not neglect to quit dozens of feet away, but see that Zhu Mei’s handprint transformation is like flying in the mouth to say a spell. Soon, that huge even has ten thousand kilograms of huge claws to fly to see Zhu Mei, and then suddenly spit out a red flame with one mouth, and instantly engulfed that huge fire ape claw.
Of course, Yi Yu would never recognize Zhu Meizhen as he said. This big claw is the most powerful barbecue in history, and it is not necessary to see that the huge claw is getting smaller and smaller in three hours. At this time, it is impossible to see the shape again, leaving a golden light.
See that Zhu Mei also don’t know where to constantly take out something and throw it into the flame for another 16 hours. Zhu Meicai slowly called it a day. After everything was over, Zhu Mei had one more thing in his hand. See that thing, but its feet are long. Just now, the monkey’s paws are generally light and shiny, and the surging firepower is even more amazing.
Zhu Mei long one breath way "on her! Since you entered our door, besides this handle, Qin Jian Shi Zun didn’t give you any decent magic weapon. Although you know that you are working hard now, there are many treasures, but the teacher is very sorry. Just today, it is a rare thing for you to take out the devil’s ape claw, so you refined a magic weapon. "Then you handed the little golden claw to Yi Yu."
Yi Yu took the golden claw in his hand and looked at it carefully, but he was greatly surprised. "I can’t believe that this master is still an expert in refining!" What an exquisite magic weapon! "
Listen to Zhu Mei’s words, "When you go back, you need to sacrifice and refine your mind, so you can move as you like, like an arm, like an extra hand. This treasure can be powerful and small, weighing as much as 53 thousand Jin, like steel, and it can release limited firepower to hurt the enemy."
Yi Yu learns the secret passages "Boy! Fifty-three thousand catties, that is, twenty-six tons and a half plus this beat to momentum … It is the tenacity of the human body that fixes the truth, and it also beats him to death. "Thought of here, Yi Yu’s mind invaded temporarily, even if he wanted to try it, he suddenly felt a headache.
But see Zhu Mei laughed, "I’m willing to try to go home and play. I can’t stand you tossing again." And Zhu Meilai felt that the monkey’s paw was disgusting and he didn’t want to eat it, but now he’s gone, but he wants to buy a good listen to Zhu Meidao. "On her! It’s a pity that you are so filial. This magic ape hand is also a spirit of heaven and earth, but now the master enjoys it! "
When Yi Yu saw it, he laughed, "Master, don’t be such a brother here." Then Yi Yu waved his hand and took out a 145-foot-long burnt finger, which was worse than just selling claws. Yi Yudao, "Master, the claw was just cut by my brother, but this finger was blown by Qi Xiaer of Emei School and robbed by my brother. It was a little burnt, and my brother wanted to leave a souvenir for fear that it was not delicious, but now it is better than"
This Zhu Mei a look at the dark burnt things at the thought of eating this thing into his mouth almost didn’t spit it out dark scold yourself "I this is not bad luck! Just let Yi Yu, the unlucky boy, go back when he’s just finished! What am I selling? Good boy! Say no! Say no! He took out another one for you! "
Zhu Mei with dark hate that fire ape "you this loser more active back to the old monkey! You are so useless! Let two children to get two hands "and then thought of JiXia son andao" you are not very fierce at ordinary times! Why let Yi Yu grab something in her hand? !”
"A-choo!" It is said that the unlucky Vulcan ape was depressed when his hand was cut off in Namtso, western Xinjiang a few days ago, but suddenly he felt the breath of his broken hand, but it passed away and disappeared. It turned out that the Vulcan ape could induce the limb to track away, but when the limb was in Yi Yu’s hands, it was either in Borneo or in the’ Pure Land of Blissfulness’, both of which could be shielded, but the far perception of Vulcan was meant to make Yi Yu less trouble.
But at this time, the fire ape regained his sense of his fingers and let it go? If you want to know whether the fingers of this fire ape finally fall into Zhu Mei’s belly.
Back to the one hundred and fifty-fourth agreed price
Said that Yi Yu once again gave the finger of the fire ape Zhu Mei | said that Yi Yu once again gave the finger of the fire ape Zhu Mei | said that Yi Yu once again gave the finger of the fire ape Zhu Mei | said that Yi Yu once again gave the finger of the fire ape Zhu Mei | said that Yi Yu once again gave the finger of the fire ape Zhu Mei. This residual limb has been in the "pure land of bliss" and the fire ape has never felt it, but it was perceived by this fire ape just now when Yi Yu took out his treasure.
But just now, the fire ape was sleeping and didn’t come to react, and then it was refined by Zhu Mei. But this time, the fire ape was clearly sensed and with the mind moving, he linked his broken fingers with his mind, but it’s a pity that the complete palm has been developed into a magic weapon by Zhu Mei, and the fire ape can also wait to grow back slowly.
It is said that Yi Yu’s big finger has already flown straight to the west. If Zhu Mei moves, he can easily stop it, but at this time he is worried about how to send this’ God of plague’ away! How can you stop it? And Yi Yu was also standing still. I don’t know if I didn’t react or if I had seen through Zhu Mei’s mind and was happy to follow the master’s meaning.
Zhu Mei saw Yi Yu didn’t move this just a sigh of relief, but he didn’t pay attention to the golden claw that was just in Yi Yu’s hand. At this time, he heard a loud bang and startled Zhu Mei. Look at the finger of the flying fire ape again, but it was actually patted on the face by Zhu Mei who just refined the golden hand. This Zhu Mei really should be reported to the world!
Just when the golden hand was handed over to Yi Yu, he wanted to try it on the spot, but it was stopped by Zhu Mei. Therefore, Yi Yu’s golden hand will also shoot hard now, and Yi Yu can’t control the power. It is ten feet. Fiona Fang’s giant hand took dozens of feet of fire and went straight to the finger.
Is the blazing fire a child’s play? Is Zhu Mei mana borne off guard is also because his quiet room Zhou Zhu Mei looked at the dark quiet room and stared at Yi Yu. He couldn’t wait to strangle this evil thing at once, but Yi Yu still ran over and collected the fingers of the fire ape.
Yi Yu hey hey say with smile "master is your family don’t like to eat we can’t wave, right? Besides, if you don’t like it, how can you see that the uncles of Emei Sect don’t like it either? "
"Nonsense!" Zhu Mei a face of angry way "is this thing people can eat? Condition is I putuoshan sent those fairy fruit delicacies used to eat … "Speaking of which, this Zhu Mei is a meal and looked at Yi Yu’s bad joke." You are young! Not bad! How can we enjoy the meat of heaven and earth alone when it is really hard? Besides, just now, you said that it was given to you by Qi Xiaer, the daughter of the Emei Sect. Well, just after that, I sent all my colleagues to the Golden Whip Cliff to join the alliance, and then I asked Qi Shushi to taste this delicious food. "
Yi Yu hurriedly said, "Master, wise brother, if he doesn’t ask for a long leave". Although the quiet room makes Yi Yu a terrible disaster, Zhu Mei is too lazy to care about it with him. Now, as soon as Yi Yu wants to go, he quickly waved his hand.
From Zhu Mei, Yi Yu went straight back to Sakura Farewell, but he didn’t take the door yet, but he saw a person with cherry blossoms on the bamboo forest outside the Farewell. It was the five-tailed tian hu Yu Nanqi who saw that Yu Nanqi was dressed in a plain clothes lotus flower, which was a beautiful hook. She quietly fell on her head and saw that Yu Nanqi’s mouth was slightly invisible, but he thought that the two of them had some absurd agreements.
It is said that Xuanzhen and the ascetic Buddhist monk of the Emei Sect took more than a dozen Emei brothers to discuss the East China Sea Fairy Island. Later, due to disagreement between the two factions, they also got a stunt of fighting swords for the island. It was also in the bamboo forest outside the Sakura clause that Yi Yu and Yu Nanqi fought swords the night before.
At that time, it was Yi Yu’s tough mind. Looking at a beautiful, weak and enchanting Yu Nanqi, she couldn’t help but waver. Yi Yu calmed down and said, "Do you know when you meet in the starry night?"
Yu Nanqi doesn’t look at Yi Yu. She looks at the bright moonlight. Her eyes are a little wobbly. It seems that at this moment, she is still wavering. Yi Yu doesn’t worry, so she quietly looks at Yu Nanqi and waits patiently.
After a long time, this beautiful fox just sighed and refocused her eyes on Yi Yushen. Yu Nanqi seemed to have figured it out and made up her mind. The melancholy and delicate temperament suddenly passed away, but it turned into a seductive and enchanting posture.
Yu Nanqi walked slowly to the front of Yi Yu, and the demon looked at me and said, "Do you think I am beautiful, Yi Yu?"
Yi Yu head immediately "om" a seems to be a sledgehammer smashed his mind Yi Yu andao "not the kui is a fox very fierce charm! It turned out that I almost broke my mind with smoke and flattery! What does this Yu Nanqi want to do? !”
It’s also an ash that Yu Nanqi’s eyes are still clear when she sees Yi Yu, but she seems to have thought of this result earlier, and it’s not too surprising to see Yu Nanqi dancing around Yi Yu, but it turns out that the limited charm is highlighted.
A little while, the fragrant shoulders and calves of Yu Nanqi have been exposed to the outside, and the white and dazzling skin has gripped Yi Yu’s eyes tightly, leaving a plain white Chinese-style chest covering and a gauze feather light skirt. Yu Nanqi finally stopped looking at Yi Yu calmly, but Yi Yu still looked silly and was given a soul sample, and even a little saliva flowed out of her mouth.
YuNaQi put behind has been holding Chinese-style chest covering belt to answer the call of nature coldly looking at Yi Yu. Two lines of clear tears gradually fell on her cheeks. She was a little thin and cut her shoulders. The seductive and weak mixture was even more irresistible to men. Yi Yu still looked at YuNaQi and swallowed her saliva.
Yu Nanqi smiled bitterly. "Teacher Yi Yu, I know that you are not confused by me, and it is not like you after being confused by tian hu’s ecstasy. Don’t pretend again."
Yi Yuwen smell speech is a smile "the teacher elder sister is really cool and wise! It’s a pity that this energy is in the wrong place. You really shouldn’t provoke my younger brother. I am very sexy! "
YuNaQi is impressively a laughed "that now I provoke you? Kill me? Or rape me right here? But I know you, you should rape me first and then … "