Tang Yi seems to be able to hear the counter snoring, and children will snore. Tang Yi can’t understand this problem, but since they don’t want to meet themselves, it’s better not to be too warm.

Hello, I nodded to the little girl and said hello. Tang Yi turned around and walked towards the shelf. He knocked on the wall with the child’s sample and waited patiently for the wall to disappear.
Fool, no matter how hard you knock, the tone of the little boy’s tugging is still unchanged. Looking back, the little boy is still naked, so he walks up and shakes his left hand to wipe the saliva.
The little boy tapped his right hand in front of the wall and walked to the counter without looking back. Fool, remember to apply for a certificate. I am busy and always help you when I have no time.
Busy, busy sleeping?
Chapter 44 Base
The fourth day of PS completion is May. Pentium is asking for tickets again. Ha, it’s very popular to update 120 thousand in ten days. Why don’t you confidently recommend tickets?
Wry smile a Tang Yi pushed his glasses into the corridor.
Wang Dian, you finally came to me. You won’t notice the letter I left you today. I didn’t expect you to show us at once. But it’s fate. Dolly looked at Tang Yi shyly with his face in his hands, blinked his eyes and then narrowed his eyes in a curved way. The pear vortex was blooming shallowly.
Well, don’t call me Wang Dian, but call me Tang Yi. Rub your eyebrows a little awkwardly. He walked up to Dolly and said, What’s so urgent for you to find me?
It’s very important. It’s very important. Oh, Dolly happily raised her little hand and made a snap of her fingers.
Dangdang Panghai emerged from the small door with a box in his first four-character accent. At this time, his image is the famous Chaplin with a moustache, a round hat and an old-looking suit. The color of this white shirt, vest and tie is mainly black, with thin white stripes on his left arm, a walking stick and a pair of elbow shoes. It looks very funny when he walks.
Dolly smiled and grabbed the box from Pang Dahai and put it on the table, slowly pushing the box to Tang Yi.
This box is not very big, about 70 cm long, 40 cm wide and 10 cm high, but it contains something that makes Tang Yi feel depressed.
That’s why you called me in and glanced at the box, which contained a dead bully’s coat. Tang Yi scattered in distress situation and called himself. It was this thing. COSPALY didn’t make a mistake.
Of course not. This is specially for you to come to the battle suit. Dolly grabbed the death suit with both hands and lifted it excitedly. The main reason for calling you here today is to test the extent of your combat effectiveness, so that we can confirm what to allocate to you according to your situation.
Oh, well, where to test Bai? I didn’t call myself here because I wanted COSPALY. Later Tang Yi’s face looked a little better. When I thought of the two brothers and sisters outside, he asked again, by the way, who are the two brothers and sisters outside Dolly? They look strange.
Hehe, smiling, Dolly said with a smile, Ah, hehe, isn’t it strange that my sister is very tough and my brother is an exhibitionist?
Uh, although I think Dolly is a bit straightforward, Tang Yi seems to be really so after thinking about it. The word exhibitionist is also really appropriate.
Hehe, the two brothers and sisters are actually very powerful. My sister is over 310 years old, and even my brother is 390 years old. He doesn’t wear clothes because he heard Brother Qing say that his brother was possessed after practicing a very overbearing power in his early years. From then on, if he wants to wear clothes, he will be torn to pieces by violent qi.
Although the two brothers and sisters are much younger than the violet layman Taibai, I heard that the little girl was still in her 310 s and was still violently thundering Tang Yi. No wonder the younger brother was so smelly and farting that it was unreasonable for people to really drag qualifications.
Just now, when I came in, my brother told me to bring my certificate and not to interfere with what kind of certificate he is.
Oh, that’s the certificate. Dolly smiled and stuffed the clothes into Tang Yi. He took a small one in the box and drew a card from it. This is your ID card. When you come in again, just show it to the wall.
Conveniently put the card back in the small room. Dolly took Tang Yi and walked down the aisle to wash his hands. He pushed him in there and shouted, "Quick change, quick change, let me see how it works. Your head is not the right color. Well, forget it or not, but you must keep your head long. Even if you dress up as Kuchiki Byakuya in the future, your face is still very rich, although there is a lot of difference between the two faces in the animation."
With a thud, Dolly firmly leaned against the door and imagined Tang Yi’s modified image.
Did I come? Gently buttoned Tang Yi at the door and looked at the figure on the frosted glass surface.
Oh, come on, let me see. Jump to one side quickly. Jin Ling can’t help but hold her breath and wait for Tang Yi to disperse.
A white and delicate palm reached out to grab the edge of the glass door and slowly pulled the door.
Looking at the glasses, the captain Tang Yi scattered Dolly felt that his breathing had suddenly stopped. Looking at the captain Tang Yi scattered, although the captain of the San Francisco team was different, it was still full of style
There is a faint smile on his face, and the smile on his face seems to be a hint of evil spirit. A pair of slender eyes look at the front quietly, although the face is smiling, but the eyes are as calm as a lake, and there is no smile. This cold contrast makes his temperament suddenly become evil.
Wow, that’s great. Although there are some differences in appearance, this temperament and expression are too much, and it’s close to perfection. Come on, let’s carry out COSPALY forever. Let’s turn into Chaplin Pang Dahai and put that performance posture back and pounce on Tang Yi.
Rikujoukourou rare this time Tang Yi scattered day voice to display this skill.
Swish a light ring, six bands of light get stuck in no particular order, jump into the middle of the sea and completely fix his figure.
In the middle, I was immobilized and lost my ability to move. The sea just fell and hit the ground.
Wow, it’s so handsome. Dolly looked at Tang Yi with a glassy stare. At this time, he not only practiced his skills very well, but also showed his indifference to his fingers pointing slightly ahead. He really loved Rikujoukourou and Kuchiki Byakuya.
Click as Tang Yi scattered hook a finger is still tightly fixed on the panghai six light bands broken to scatter light spots to the girls who love beauty with great lethality, so that Dolly can see his eyes straight up.
Dolly, are you all right? Seeing Dolly’s dull appearance, Tang Yi couldn’t help but smile. Inertially, he pushed his glasses, but now he has taken his eyes and rubbed them on his nose, which can produce such a strong effect. He didn’t expect it.
Ah, I’m fine. Let’s let’s go test your strength. I stuttered and wiped my mouth. Dolly ran towards the door first
Dude, you look great. It’s the first time I’ve seen Dolly drool over a man. He smiled and winked at Tang Yi.
Their Tang Yi scattered when I didn’t see Pang Dahai that obscene smile behind Dolly walked into the door.
After entering the small door, he didn’t know that it was the real base to come to this small door. A staircase full of metallic texture hovered and extended on the stairs. He could hear Dolly walking on the stairs. Tang Yi scattered and saw a hall. This hall is very similar to that. There are four huge screens around the hall, and the words are filled with lines. Tang Yi scattered and glanced at them. Now these words are all entrusted information. This just feels a little shocking.
There are not too many people in the hall, almost forty people seem to be a little lonely. These people are talking to each other in a few familiar places on the screen, as if discussing something. Tang Yi’s arrival didn’t cause anything too strong in the hall, but some people greeted her with familiarity when they saw Jin Ling.
Chapter 45 Test 1
PS, I wish you all a comfortable May Day. Please ask for tickets.
Little bell, I haven’t seen you for a few days. How about recently? A long waist figure with his back to Tang Yi was scattered in front of Dolly. She said something. From time to time, the two of them burst into laughter. Tang Yi looked at this figure and felt familiar. He immediately looked up doubtfully.
Electric book w
This woman is wearing a pure white long-sleeved shirt, and her sleeves are slightly linked with the deep mountain buttons showing the smooth and delicate arms. It seems that the buttons are not buckled up. It looks very casual. A long black head hangs freely over her shoulders to the lower back. The long and low ends are very neat. It seems that the girl often trims her body and wears a pair of pure white casual trousers. There is no extra fold in the corner of the casual trousers. The light in the hall seems to reflect a little light. The material is obviously high-grade silk. Dolly is almost two times taller than her. Three centimeters, but extremely slender legs. These silk-stitched slacks seem to be specially tailored by her. Generally, they are not wide or narrow. With a pair of white sports shoes on their feet, the personal figure looks perfectly proportioned. Her figure is not hot. The perfection of Bello is two different things.
This figure Tang Yi scattered feel more see more familiar as if he had seen it somewhere.
Wang Dian, what are you looking at? Dolly glared bitterly at Tang Yi. His shoulders trembled slightly. Come on.