Slowly swept in the half-hour, the soul energy of water, rocks and rocks unexpectedly crashed and hit all around, but anyone who is close to Yuan Yeshen will naturally slide down.

Roar not far away, the soul beast roared loudly at Yuan Ye with a hint of color in his eyes. The soul beast felt Yuan Yeqiang’s great strength and further faced Lin Yuxuan’s serious injury, which could kill each other.
Brother Yuan Ye, the soul beast, has bright eyes, and I have reached the peak of three turns. I am not far from four turns. When I get to four turns, my brothers and I will go to the second floor of Wan Zunxing. Yuan Ye clearly feels that this is a different life. This is a kind of U-tire transformation, and I can easily feel that the more powerful Tao Zun is close at hand.
Tao Zun Si Zhuan needs a kind of special power, which is absorbed by the high-level soul energy on the second floor of Wan Zun Xing, but who can break through to a certain extent? Although Yuan Ye, a senior soul energy, just knows this breakthrough key, actually Yuan Ye has been walking around Zun Si Zhuan again, and its power is faster and stronger than ordinary people. It has long been out of the first floor of Wan Zun Xing, but the soul animal can stay on the first floor because it is not restricted by the rules of Wan Zun Xing.
I’ll consolidate my strength first, and then I’ll break through Tao Zun’s four turns in one breath and let’s go. Yuan Yexin is still happy, and then I close my eyes and clearly feel the Dantian Mud Pillow Palace.
Dantian Mud Pillow Palace is a place where forces converge. In the past, this Mud Pillow Palace was empty and vague, and the golden power was absolutely dominant, while the wooden power was a small place with a supporting role. But now the wooden power has been greatly expanded, although it is not golden, it is almost more than some places. It turns out that the golden power and the wooden power have merged into a mud pill palace, and it has become boundless.
After the fusion, the power will be doubled and expanded, but if we want to fuse, we need the soul energy of Zunjing. Now Yuan Ye has three soul energy of Zunjing, and the last one is blue. But obviously, the level of this soul energy of Mu Bo is too low, and soon this one will be exhausted. When this soul energy of Zunjing is exhausted, the fusion power of Jin Mu in Mud Pillow Palace will also be divided, and my strength will be greatly reduced. Yuan Yeran and turned white.
What I need to do now is to consolidate my own realm and refine more of these advanced soul powers. This power can help me break through the Taoist temple and turn to the spiritual realm, and then slowly find Yuan Ye without considering other special powers to suck the anti-ego ring as quickly as possible. The most important thing is that the high-level soul can be in the soul beast’s lair for thousands of years, and Yuan Ye has got it. The anti-soul beast has not been robbed by Yuan Ye again.
Yuan Ye, the soul beast cave, continues to practice this. His body is scattered with a special hazy light, but there is no influence around him, because this light root is not held outside, but Yuan Ye can absorb from high-level souls.
The lowest level of soul energy should be green, and the green soul energy contains very little power. Yuan Ye is a blue or purple soul energy cultivation, and Yuan Yexian is simply a method of cultivating money. The value of a blue soul energy is 10 billion, which is enough for Yuan Ye to cultivate for seven days.
However, in the past seven days, Yuan Ye’s cultivation degree is approaching the limit. The soul energy of Dantian Mud Palace has been transformed into a series of five-color brilliance, and the amazing degree has been increasing for a while. There are more and more five-color lights in a Mud Palace, and it is like a fairyland surrounded by colorful lights.
Well, this kind of special power has increased the pressure on my body. Yuan Ye clearly feels this. His muscles, muscles, membranes, cartilage, five zang-organs and six legs are in the deep muscles. Yuan Ye feels that his body is like a mountain that has been dry for a long time. Suddenly, it rains and the mountain is constantly sucking water and full of vitality again. It takes a while for this power to integrate into Yuan Ye’s body.
In a short time, Yuan Ye’s physical strength did not rise, but Yuan Ye felt that the cells in his body seemed to be full of vitality.
This is a qualitative change. In the past, my body was strong, but I absorbed the world’s Tao, and now I am absorbing the special power of the Soul Energy Department. Obviously, this second-level power belonging to Wan Zunxing has a stronger moisturizing effect on my body. Yuan Yexu constantly absorbed the soul energy into the mud pill palace and turned his own strength. With the strength rising, Yuan Ye can definitely open the king’s cup without weapons. Yuan Zun, the world’s first world war, will be a heavenly sign, armor, three unique purgatory swords and combat boots, that is, facing two great challenges. After all, Yuan Ye
Suction refining
Yuan Ye is always coming to the Mud Pillow Palace, just like a bottom hole constantly sucking him. He can be sure that he has broken through the Tao Zun and won’t be too far when he turns four times. With this in-depth retreat, Yuan Ye has forgotten that he has forgotten himself and everything.
Suddenly there was a violent shock at the entrance of the cave. This huge shock is a very dangerous thing for the retreat people inside, because the retreat is the most taboo to disturb.
As the cave shook and the rocks fell, Yuan Ye’s body trembled slightly. He demonstrated that the energy was also slightly deviated. In an instant, Yuan Ye immediately stopped the cultivation process. At the same time, some waves of energy in the abdomen directly vomited one mouthful blood, and the pain in the abdomen was extremely uncomfortable.
Do you want to check your injuries? Yuan Ye snapped his eyes open until the spirit beast came. At this time, the spirit beast was no longer fierce at ordinary times, but was lying on the ground, and the abdomen, wings and hind legs of the spirit beast were extremely terrible injuries. The severity of this injury was a feeling that if it was spread on ordinary Warcraft, it would be doubtful that the powerful spirit beast was dying now.
Brother Soul Beast, what’s the matter? Yuan Ye quickly hugged the head of Soul Beast. Who is the pain and anger?
Ho ho.
The spirit beast kept growling, and the sound was extremely bleak. This time, his injury was too heavy, because Yuan Ye saw that every injury of the spirit beast was terrible, and his wings retreated, but it was okay to die. However, Yuan Ye was worried about whether the abdominal injury hurt the key. After all, the Dan of Warcraft in the Dantian Mud Pill Palace is the most deadly place, and this place is just in the abdomen and abdomen, and everyone has to die.
It’s not a person. It’s different weapons that hurt Yuan Ye’s eyes. There was a murderous look. He regarded them as brothers in this wanzunxing. One was Keng Ya Kuan, and the other was this one who never gave up and followed his soul beast, Jin Xuanxuan, to fall wild goose. Yuan Ye still went deep into the brothers as a friend, but Keng Ya Kuan’s soul beast is different. What an accident Yuan Ye will definitely make people regret.
Haha, come here, the waterfall is rushing, and the year of a white dress is now. The most surprising thing about the cave is that this person is actually suspended in his flying.
Well, officer Honglie said it was good that there was another person around the spirit beast. Since the spirit beast can become friends, since the spirit beast is together, your height, rank, spirit energy will not be less. I won’t kill you. People are arrogant and don’t take Yuan Ye seriously.
Take life to Yuan Yegen. Don’t talk nonsense. Just rush.
I can fly. This cave is this high. What are you flying for?
Hey, hey, young people, don’t be so rampant. Do you know that I’m the King of Heaven? This year, I smiled grimly, shook hands, and the light flashed. The extension of the silver awn directly turned into a white pike, and the pike condensed the soles of this gentleman’s feet. A broken pike is a higher figure. Yuan Ye sneered. On the first floor of Wan Zunxing, no one qualified me for the five Wang Dou. You are too ignorant.
Go to hell Yuan Ye roars at the dark eyes with awe-inspiring body movements. Now, once again, the palm of your hand holds the three-way purgatory sword, which is flashing.
Before Yuan Ye appeared in your eyes, it was a chill surge. The pike shook the bright mountain fiercely and immediately the gun body shook. It turned into a white dragon that roared at Yuan Ye like thunder and suddenly shot away.