Get in line

The hunchback old man drank a dozen undead spirits and lifted his feet at the same time.
The yellow sand on the ground suddenly shook the center of 30 people. The yellow sand in Fiona Fang Baili suddenly suffered from strong compression and was melted and pressed into pieces. The yellow array was formed by more than a dozen undead spirits. This array is solid. Chapter one thousand three hundred and four The beast.
It is complicated and fine, and it is faster than the fine grain to wrap the array in the grain pair interface and perfectly blend in the core of the array.
A faint sound, a layer of light suddenly rises in a round shape, and all the dozens of monks in the array are shrouded in
Humpty-backed old notes did not fall into an array, and a slight shock directly raised the suspension deficiency.
Doomsday animal coagulation
The force of the coagulation array outside the array suddenly trembles and crawls quickly at this moment, but it condenses into a savage beast in a very short time. The scorpion gives birth to two huge pliers and hooks the tail, abdomen and hexapod.
This animal shadow is semi-transparent, and you can see the brothers in the array.
In the middle of the hunchback, the scorpion beast’s head holds the biggest control over the shadow of a beast. Tuo Yuwen’s red demon charm is divided into two sides, with two giant pliers in the main palm and two strongest attack forces
The huge tail is hanging in the back, and the tail is tapering, and the sharp tip of the gun is emitting all the light. The control should be in the hands of the hunchback old man.
This scorpion beast is made up of more than a dozen gods in the array. Although the method superposes their strength, it can also give this scorpion beast a virtual shadow of extreme terror, which is similar to a savage beast but different from fierce breath.
The hunchback was relieved until the large array layout was completed.
Although there are many large arrays to defend the world together, he is a mysterious array. The three people in the main array can deploy large array forces to attack and kill defense, which is equivalent to using the power of the monks to control the animals at will, which can produce great power growth.
However, the miraculous effect of this array has its drawbacks. If it fails to be deployed, it will have a certain self-attack on the monks and will not be deployed again for a while.
But in order to avoid the pressure in people’s hearts, he never said anything about it before.
Fortunately, everything is going well today. Now that the Juyuan annihilation array has been completed, they have qualified for the first world war of the ancient snake.
It was very slow, but it was completed in a short time. When the scorpion and beast condensed, there was an angry roar in the depths of the yellow sand.
Although the ancient bully-eyed snake possessed great terrorist power, its natural order was too high and it did not evolve into a fierce beast.
In the process of killing and devouring blood food, the ferocity of the brute beast can suppress it.
It didn’t find that the field was changing when it chased its prey.
When the ancient bully snake chased two monks and swallowed them, it found that all its prey had disappeared.
We are on the verge of evolution, and we will lose a lot of blood and food. This opportunity will be missed, and I don’t know when we will find such an opportunity again.
And at this moment, suddenly, the smell of scorpion and beast makes the ancient bully snake angry and angry, and at the same time, it turns crimson and looks up and screams.
In its view, the disappearance of its prey is bound to make this scorpion beast suddenly appear
Although this smell is different in normal times, the burning anger has made the ancient bully snake think in a simple and intelligent way.
Enter its territory and rob its prey, and you dare to release your breath and provoke.
The tyrannical ancient bully snake was completely violent.
Roar has not yet fallen, it has been maser and headed for the source of scorpion breath.
It must be torn alive. This majestic brute who dares to provoke it will devour its flesh and blood.
The hunchback old man’s heart sank slightly. Watch out for it.
Tuo Yuwen, the Red Demon, the Godsworn and others look dignified, and their heartstrings are already tense.
make a din
A black shadow from the yellow sand is approaching rapidly, but it has not yet arrived. From that black shadow, a monstrous evil spirit emanates, and the tyrannical qi machine has swept away.
The ancient bully snake stared at the scorpion beast with ten eyes. Although it was the first time to see this semi-transparent savage beast, at the moment, its anger was burning again.
Because it saw its prey, and now it’s inside the scorpion’s belly.