Yan San Zheng should be the report immediately.

After hiding in the flowers, Xiaoxiao was surprised and covered her mouth. She felt the sight of Xiao Qi coming. She quickly lowered herself and squatted on the ground, quietly hands and feet and stepped back.
Suddenly, her ass seemed to hit something. When I turned around, I looked at a pair of lifeless eyes with light water, as if there was a pool of stagnant water and a dead spring. No matter what it was, it could not arouse the slightest ripple.
He is very tall. According to Xiao Xiao’s visual observation, he will be at least 15 years old. He looks a little weak in a worn-out navy blue robe with no belt around his waist, and his feet are dusty black boots. It seems that he has just come back from far away.
When I saw his face clearly again, Xiao Xiao couldn’t help but take a breath. Was there a lot of handsome guys in ancient times or was she lucky enough to bump into it?
He is very handsome, which is different from Duan Yishen’s enchanting and Duan Xiaoqi’s cold. It is a kind of dust and beauty that is not as close as ordinary people but far away.
Pale cheeks are like having had a serious illness, but his lips are red with blood, so that he lives in front of Xiaoxiao, but strangely, she doesn’t feel a breath of living.
He hung his head slightly and stared at Xiaoxiao. Even at the bottom of the eyes, there was no trace of interest or curiosity, as if she were insignificant and meaningless.
Uh, Xiaoxiao is a little embarrassed. Get up and pat the skirt mud. Two tentative questions: Hehe, are you a bodyguard here?
Without saying a word, the man strode straight over her.
Xiaoxiao grimaced at his back, made a skirt and ran to the room. It’s miserable. Duan Xiaoqi, this is a real joke. What should she do? She doesn’t want to get married like this. Why did Duan Yishen suddenly run to the side after saying something inexplicable last night?
No, she has to plan ahead
I heard the footsteps behind me. Xiao Qi turned around. You’re back, Seventh Brother.
The male voice is very light, and the long hair is blown up by the wind, blocking his dusty face. Chapter 35 Because we are friends.
Xiaoxiao twisted her eyebrows and turned round and round in the house.
Duan Xiaoqi loves Lin Moying and marries Lin Moying, not her Lou Xiaoxiao. Even if this man is a gold Lord who can make her have food and clothing for a generation, she will never marry him.
Suddenly she stopped, and now there are two roads in front of her: showdown and escape.
Knock, knock, knock.
Miss Lin, your highness, you go to the front desk
Xiao Xiao ba ba hair oh, here we go.
It seems that she has no choice but to showdown with him. It’s better for him to marry the wrong person than for her to marry the wrong person. What’s more important? She knows her own secrets and won’t let others make things worse.
When I stepped into the hall, Xiaoxiao saw at a glance that the person sitting next to Duan Xiaoqi was unhappy and picked and asked, and his eyes swept to Duan Xiaoqi.
Before he could speak, the man got up. Miss Lin, I’m here to make amends to you.
Make amends Xiaoxiao sat opposite her, looked up and smiled brightly. Mrs. Huali, are you kidding? How could you offend me?
Duan Xiaoqi remained silent, but his cold eyes looked straight at Xiaoxiao. It is not difficult to find a touch of tenderness there.
Guan Li’s eyes are closed and her face is still quiet and indifferent. I know that Su Yan’s visit to you was actually a misunderstanding. I don’t know where she heard about the loss of the enemy camp map and she actually came to you to gossip. You believe her, I don’t care what you think. I’m just a number of people who hate me. I never care what others think, but you once said that we are friends.
Xiaoxiao slowly raised his eyes and looked at her with complicated eyes.
The official glass calmly welcomes the sound and words, and I will never do anything that is ashamed of my friends once I have recognized it.
Xiaoxiao bit her lips for a long time. I believe you. No, don’t say that, friend.
Guan Li smiled and walked over and took Xiaoxiao’s hand. Thank you.
Duan Xiaoqi seemed to know everything, and his eyes swept lightly through the official glass.
At noon, Xiao Xiaoqiao was declared into the palace by an imperial edict of Emperor Lan. Before he left, he ordered Yan San to stay at Xiao Xiao’s side and Yan San would never leave the door.
Guanli is very elegant in eating, and she will carefully carry food for Xiaoxiao from time to time.
Staring at Xiaoxiao, she said softly that the Lord has always been very concerned about you.
Xiaoxiao twisted his eyebrows and disdained to say that he was thinking about how to put me in jail.
Guan Li shook his head and his tone was very dull. Can’t you see that the report cares about you? If it were anyone else, even if it was suspected of silk, his head would have fallen to the ground.
Xiao Xiao, who didn’t pay attention to a mouthful of soup and burned his tongue, kept fanning his hands and made fun of me. He was so angry that he often asked him not to think about torturing me, so I would be grateful.
He cares.